Christine Wessel – California

My boyfriend and I were going to a wedding in Loire Valley, France in 2009.  We decided to spend a few days in Barcelona before traveling to France.  We emerged from having dinner at a restaurant on Carrer de Ferran to find a huge crowd of people walking northeast.  Curious, we decided to follow them.  The street opened up into a huge square with a large stage in it, and we heard Luar Na Lubre playing amazing, unique music.

We asked some people around us what the band’s name was and why they were playing in the square. We only then found out that Le Merce festival was taking place in Barcelona that weekend. We loved the band’s music so much, we asked some other people for a pen so that we could write the name of the band down. We had never heard music quite like this before and we loved it!

We spent the whole weekend watching different bands play on stages all over Barcelona, but none of them captured our attention and ears like Luar Na Lubre. When we got home to California, we looked for information on the band and the festival. We hope to catch another show some day!

Christine Wessel